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Instant Access to Precise Information: Four strategies to elevate patient experience in clinical trials (Part 1)

It is no secret that billions of dollars and tens of years are spent in taking one single pharmaceutical drug to market, delaying access to potentially life-saving treatments for millions of patients every day. While we all demand rigorous scientific research to prove the safety and efficacy of each treatment that reaches patients, should we really accept the 10+ year clinical trial lifecycle as an expected norm?

One significant driver of clinical trial delays is patient dropouts. According to Forte Research, the average patient dropout rate across all clinical trials is an alarming 30%1. We set out on a mission to find the reasons from those who live it every day — the patients and the study coordinators.

In this four-part series, we will identify major gaps in patient experience in clinical trials, and we will explore ways to address them to reduce patient dropouts and bring life-saving drugs to market faster.

Meet Jane To truly understand a patient’s experience in a clinical trial,…