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Personalized Information at the Right Time: Four strategies to elevate patient experience in clinical trials (Part 2)

In this four-part series, we will identify major gaps in patient experience in clinical trials, and we will explore ways to address them to reduce patient dropouts and bring life-saving drugs to market faster. In Part 1 we talked about the difficulties of access to critical information for patients in clinical trials, and how always-on smart chatbots can fill that void.

Today, in Part 2, we will explore the daily burdens of clinical trials for patients and ways to alleviate them.

Remember our patient Jane from the previous post?

Jane is one week into her 3-year clinical trial. She has about 30 study tasks a week. She will need to prepare for her first site visit in about three weeks. She will have 36 full-day site visits in the course of the trial, for which she will need to take time off work. Every day, she has two medication dosages — one at noon after lunch and one in the evening after dinner. She also has to fill out a daily diary before going to bed, and measure her blood pressure…